Fancy Eye makeup

Eye Makeup

Fancy Eye make up can tell the period in which a show was complete by the eye-makeup of the stars. In the forties styles, Fancy Eye makeup was fashionable or unfussy, subject on the scene (evening and dressy or daytime and subtle) and the character (bad women wore lots of Fancy Eye make up, day and night). Eyebrows were mostly plucked out and highlighted or drawn on slightly higher, although some stars, like Betty Bacall, got left with slender, perfectly-shaped expected brows. If you look at I Love Lucy episodes, you can see that Lucy wore lots of makeup.

Fancy Eye makeup was light if she used it at all Fancy Eye make up she wore lots of positive blue shadow), but Max Factor laid on the mascara, and her brows were made up with pencil or paint, usually in a curved fashion that accessorized her goofy persona. The world of Fancy Eye make up accessible today can be quite overwhelming. From shimmers to matte and bright to neutrals. Fancy Eye make up are available in just about every color under the sun. If you are like most women, you are probably wondering what colors will best accentuate your eye color and which eye shadows to stay away from.

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Recall that eye shadow should always coordinate with your eye color not your outfit color – this is not a Fancy Eye make up trend, but a beauty basic every woman should know. Other 50′s era female TV stars included Barbara Billingsley, who played Beaver’s mother June Cleaver. June’s makeup was subtle: what you notice is the seeming clarity of her skin and eyes. Again, no shadow was in evidence: as a conjugal housewife, June didn’t have the lifestyle for shaded lids. Fashion and lots of other things went wild. Maybe because women were trying harder than ever before to smash through the recently-identified glass ceiling, makeup was assertive, almost mask-like.

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