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(1) In the first tattoo there some things that should be done. The age limit and a valid form of identification. Find the local department of health in your area! They will advise you if there is an age limit for getting a tattoo. Then, you will probably need a valid form of identification with you before getting tattooed.

(2) Look for a good studio. Do some research on your own and talk to people you know and get references. First, be sure Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Universal Precautions followed by the studio that recommended to you. OSHAUP are regulations that outline procedures to be followed when someone dealing with bodily fluids.

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Second, ask to see their permits if they are not displayed on the walls and be sure they are current in the permits before your first tattoo. In other case followed by the permits is about the equipment used by the studio are should be individually packaged, dated, sealed and sterilized.

Tattoo Studio Tips

Third, Generally a good studio should be equipped with an autoclave as a device that pressurizes the instruments and kills any viruses or bacteria. Also with an EPA approved virucidal will kill any surface bacteria or viruses on the work area on your skin. Other tools that are important or should be available are germicidal soap, needle buckets, proper disposal containers, packaged gauze with sterility intact, and disposable gloves. Last but not least, check to be sure the studio is clean.

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(3) Before start anything in tattoo application be sure to be well rested and well fed. Usually when your blood sugar is low or you’re tired before tattoo application, you could get experience a greater level of discomfort than when your body normally would. In other hand, it is best not to drink alcohol or consume drugs before getting tattooed. It will cause you to bleed more which can have a negative effect on your new tattoo because not only do you become dehydrated. If you get tattooed on an empty stomach or if you are drunk, it may cause you to feel faint, nauseated, or dizzy. Don’t take pain killers like aspirin, ibuprofen, and anesthetics, which may cause increased bleeding or other problems. Take extra care on your first tattoo.

The First Tattoo

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