Henna Temporary Tattoo

Henna Temporary Tattoo has always been about but there has been a real boost in fame since the end of February. And now, in the heat of summer, henna temporary tattooss are all the rage! Whether they are the classic paint-on henna designs or modern relocation tattooss, henna temporary body tattooss are rising in popularity.

Many people have been cheeping photos of henna tattooss and they have been a lasting feature in the micro-blogosphere. There has been an increase in references and chats re henna temporary tattooss over the past few months.

In part, this rise in status can be official to the time: it is season, and shorts, t-shirts and flip flops mean more skin on which to wear temporary tattoo. But this spike in fame goes beyond what we would expect for the season. The rise in references, chats and orders of henna tattooss indicates a true trend; a trend that can be official to the actualization of temporary tattooss as fashion accessories.

It all began with the fall fashion shows, at which Chanel presented their temporary skin art line, Les Trompe. Those designs hit the market in February and other designers and shops have followed suit. Henna tattooss have become trendy along with these other designs because the style is very similar.

In June, the Louis Vuitton 2011 Spring/Summer Menswear show in Paris prominently featured temporary body tattooss on models; just as Chanel did in the fall. As temporary tattooss become more of a staple in the world of fashion, henna temporary tattooss will continue to grow in popularity.

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