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Bra size will change a number of times during the different stages of women’s life. So the challenge is how do you find the perfect bra sizes that fit you. This is all for the sake of beauty, comfort, and health. This following article will show you in the two simple methods to help find your current correct bra size.

Unfortunately, the fact said that 65% of women do not know their correct bra size. Actually it is not surprising each women can go up or down as many as 6 bra sizes during her lifetime. If she has put on a considerable amount of weight, lost weight or had a baby, women should ideally be measured every two years or so for her current bra size.

A personal courtier to England’s Queen Elizabeth, June Kenton, said that if your bra is not giving you the correct support, it will make every time you walk your skin stretches, causing stretch marks, shoulder and back problems. So, wearing the wrong sized bra can cause health problems.

Bra Sizes

How to Find Your Correct Bra Size
Whilst there is no substitute for a professional fitting from a reputable bra retailer, there is a wealth of advice (and a lot ot misinformation) available in the marketplace to allow women to gauge their own bra size.

(1) Take Certain Measurements
This will give a rough estimation of measurements, when you taking measurements under the bust line to obtain the band size and across the bust to obtain the cup size, and then adding and subtracting a number. It is a classic formula, but this following will give you the detail.

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First, this is more accurate to get someone else to do the measuring. Second, if not wear a close fitting garment over bare breasts or wear an unpadded bra, measuring against bare skin will give more accurate results. Third, measure the band size by wrapping a tape measure tightly and around the ribcage, then immediately below the bust. Add 5 inches to the measurement. i.e. 29 inches becomes 34 inches. And the fourth, measure loosely around the fullest part of the bust for the cup size. Subtract this measurement from this formula of the band size :

A difference of 1 inch= A cup, 2 inches = B cup, 3 inches = C cup, 4 inches = D cup and so on. i.e. an across-the-bust measurement of 38 inches minus a total band measurement of 34 inches equals 4 inches. This donates a cup size of D.

(2) Analyze the Fit and the Feel
Taking a bust measurement is only one consideration. A woman also needs to count the actual volume of her bust. this will affect the overall size needed to ensure the perfect, when the volume may be bigger at the bottom, top or sides. It is also most comfortable fit. The experience shows the bras that actually fit them may all be different sizes, if you take a number of women with identical over and under bust measurements.


When you following this method, it is important to look at four key areas : (1) the bra band, (2) the cup and how well it fits, (3) if wearing an under wired bra, and (4) how the wire sits against the body. It is important to know what to look as the signs of a badly fitting bra. It si about the breast spill out over the bra or the cup wrinkle. And the band ride up or is it too tight or too loose against the body. You must avoid that happens to you. Just follow this article to know your perfect bra sizes!

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