Sci-fi look Hairstyle : Hairstyle Trend Fall Winter 2011 2012

Hairstyle trend:  Sci-fi look hairstyle , Seen on the catwalk at Elie Saab winter 2011-2012.

This look let your cheekbones extra good. It attracts your face if you true up, making you powerful, young and stylish look. Brigitte Bardot wore her hair done-up and casually. This look is all about learn with a big hair effect. Ideal for a party.

How to make this Sci-fi look Hairstyle?

tep 1: Prep your hair with a good firming mousse. For example, from Max Hold Styling Mousse of SYOSS. Ironing smooth the hair with a hair straightener.

Step 2: create a knot on your mind. Not the top layer of your computer, use the top of your head. Set the fixed with sliding lapel pins and comb the hair knot in your neck up pretty slick. Fastening the bottom with a hairspray for shine.

Step 3: now the top of the Comb to her tightly behind  use what gladmakende lotion on the hair.

Step 4: roll the tips inward and put the points with sliding pins. Slide it through the knot. Create the hairstyle with a lot of hairspray, for extra hold.

What do you need?

1. Instyler hair straightener
2. Slide lapel pins
3. Aveda Smooth Infusion
4. SYOSS Shine & Hold hairspray
5. SYOSS Max Hold mousse

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