Spanx Brassiere


You probably have a favorite spanx Brassiere. You know the Brassiere you reach for almost every day because it is so comfortable, it fits so well and it does exactly what you want it to do. Once we find a Brassiere like this, we tend to buy more Brassieres of the same Brassieres. This is how best-selling Brassiere is made. However, today; there are so many Brassieres from which to choose. How do we know which Brassiere is right for us? Although every woman’s body is different – and while certain Brassiere will work for some women while other Brassiere won’t – there are a few Brassiere that have emerged as top sellers.

Bestselling Brassiere in the United States includes Wacoal, Vanity Fair, Chandelle, Bali and Fantasia. Read on to see why average-size and plus-size women keep coming back to this same Brassiere. Wacoal entered the American marketplace approximately 15 years ago. Today, Wacoal is the top-selling Brassiere in the United States. Wacoal Brassieres are tailored to provide you with the perfect fit – whatever your Brassiere size. Wacoal Brassieres are geared to fit women of all shapes and sizes, from AA to G cups. Wacoal Brassieres tend to have generous cup sizing. The cups are full to offer good breast coverage and support. Wacoal Brassieres are often designed with flat underwear because they lie comfortably against your skin. Wacoal Brassieres often have hook and eye closures that are lined for extra comfort. Wacoal Brassieres have quite a celebrity following.

Oprah has featured Wacoal spanx Brassieres on her show in the past, and the Wacoal Slim line Seamless Minimize Brassiere 85154 is said to be one of her favorites. Whoopee Goldberg’s Brassiere of choice is the Wacoal Everyday Soft Cup Brassiere 85226.Vanity Fair has been a reliable Brassiere for almost 40 years. Vanity Fair is known for its commitment to fit and comfort. Women tend to find Vanity Fair Brassieres that fit perfectly and stay loyal to the Vanity Fair Brassiere for years. Vanity Fair Brassieres are often available in hard-to-find sizes with features designed for extra support and comfort. For instance, the Vanity Fair Beautiful Benefits Underarm Smoother Underwire Brassiere 75020 has extra-supportive wings to reduce the appearance of underarm fat and a leotard back to minimize back fat. Many Vanity Fair Brassieres are offered in plus sizes up to 48DDD. The Vanity Fair Soft Effects Full Figure Brassiere 75-094 is a favorite Brassiere for full-figured women.

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The seamless construction, soft brushed microfiber, stay-put straps, and U-shaped leotard back make it a Brassiere that women purchase again and again. As the world’s largest French intimate apparel company, Chandelle has certain savoir-faire when it comes to designing glamorous Brassieres. Chandelle Brassiere is known for top-notch design, high-quality fabric and perfect fit. From everyday basics to elegant specialty Brassieres, Chandelle Brassieres combine French chic with comfort. Chandelle Brassieres range from lacy delicate denim’s to t-shirt Brassieres, many of which are available as plus size Brassieres. Probably the most Chandelle Brassiere line is Chandelle Africa, which features African-inspired, tattoo designs and sheer tulle accents. This collection is gorgeous! Even Oprah has features some of the Africa collection Brassieres on her show.

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