Tips to Apply Mascara


If you’ve never applied Mascara before, you may think that there is really not much to it. The truth of the matter is that applying Mascaras can be fairly complicated, and if you aren’t careful, not only will you make a huge mess – on your face – but you will also miss the look that you were going for. This article gives some Tips to Apply Mascaras to you.

Know Your Look
The first thing to do is to get info on where Mascara should be applied for the type of eyes that you have. This information will regularly relate to either the natural shape of your eye, or the look that you want. Mascaras isn’t always applied to the total of the eye lashes. For some looks, or some eye shapes, Mascaras is best applied just on the tips, or heavier on one section of the lashes.

One thing that people rarely realize, for example, is that if you want your lashes to look fuller and longer, applying the Mascaras to the tips of the lashes does not accomplish this. Instead, the Mascaras needs to be applied more to the base of the lash, instead of the tips.

Use Caution
If you wear contact lenses, check with your eye care professional before using any Mascaras. They may advise you not to use Mascaras, or to use a sure brand. In most examples, they will suggest that you put the Mascaras on before you put the contacts in. Even if you do not use contacts, you will want to use caution when applying Mascaras, so that you do not get the product in your eye. Obviously, poking yourself in the eye with the applicator is also an anxiety. Do not apply Mascaras in a hurry. Take your time and go slowly, and turn off fans in the room so that you don’t dry your eyes out in the procedure.

Be Prepared
Be prepared for mistakes and blotches. Keep eye pads – pads designed for cleaning the eyes and makeup remover that is safe for the eyes handy. When a mistake or a smudge occurs, clean it off right away, before it dries too much.

Also learn that applying Mascaras is not just a straight, plain pull of the application wand. If you want really great results, again, go slowly, but instead of just touching the lashes and pulling out, move the wand from side to side a bit as you go out away from the base of the lashes with it. Also, have a Mascaras wand that does not have any Mascaras on it handy as well. This wand can be used to thin out some of the product, or to help remove any clumps once you’ve applied the Mascaras with the other wand.

Tips to Apply MascaraTips to Apply MascaraTips to Apply MascaraTips to Apply Mascara

Tips to Apply MascaraTips to Apply MascaraTips to Apply MascaraTips to Apply Mascara

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