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Tank tops are a variant of tees and similarly to T-shirts, tank top are massively popular throughout the world. Generally considered street or casual wear, tank top are also featured on catwalks in fashion shows and are available from the most famous and popular designers and brands including Hale Bob, Coolwear, Taverniti SO, Hot Kiss, Duarte, Sisly and Seven7.

Tank top are great for wearing in warmer climes and locales as they are usually made of cotton or cotton blends and are sleeveless so it is easy to keep cool when you are wearing a tank top. But tank top are not just for use in warm weather, you can also wear them as an extra layer beneath a shirt or a sweater, cardigan or any other top to keep warm.

Like tees, tank tops also feature designs or patterns on the front or back not only to look stylish or colorful but also as an advertising method. It is sometimes hard to distinguish between say a sleeveless shirt, a spaghetti strap top, a halter top and a tank top and this is because tank top are essentially sleeveless top or tees and spaghetti strap top and halter top go one step further by altering the design of the straps that hold up the top. Nevertheless, in essence, all these top and even tees are variants of the humble shirt.
Tank top are available in different styles such as racer-back tank top that are inspired by the swimsuit design by Speedo and more commonly women’s tank top feature thinner shoulder straps or even spaghetti straps. Other styles suitable for women include ruffled tank top or tank top with frills and tank top with built-in bras for teens or women.

While tank top are easy to match and wear with jeans, skirts, bottoms and shorts, women should consider use and function before going for a particular one. For example, a spaghetti strap tank top suitable for casual wear would work well with shorts or capri jeans but you cannot match it with a pencil skirt and wear it to work.

Style in Women's Tank TopsStyle in Women's Tank TopsStyle in Women's Tank TopsStyle in Women's Tank Tops

Style in Women's Tank TopsStyle in Women's Tank TopsStyle in Women's Tank TopsStyle in Women's Tank Tops

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