Cleaning Remy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions do not acquire natural oils from your scalp like natural hair. This needs some extra nurture when washing to ensure that one does not dry them out. As a rule of thumb, hair should be cleaned and moisturised every 3-4 days.

Prepare the following: Soft bristle hairbrush- Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner- Comb
Here’s the procedure:

1. Brush hair completely before washing to remove any tangles. Begin at the base and gradually work your way to the top, be careful not to damage the hair.

2. Wet your hair.

3. Put on conditioner to the extensions before washing to help sustain moisture levels. Do not wash.

4. Put on shampoo (on top of conditioned extensions) and clean gently.

5. Wash totally.

6. Put on moisturizing conditioner.

7. Wash totally.

8. Wrap hair in a towel and allow the towel to absorb moisture. Prevent rubbing the towel through hair to dry.

9. Comb carefully to work through any tangles that may have formed while rinsing.

10. Allowing the tresses to air-dry is best. Don’t sleep in wet hair as this causes tangles.

The main thing to remember is, hair extensions are just that, an extension of your hair. So don’t forget that while you can color the hair and iron it etc, it is still not getting the nutrients and oils from your scalp like your own hair is. So treat it well, and if it starts to look tired, simply give it a good treatment to revive it as you would your own hair.

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