How To Determine Hair Extension Lengths

How long is your hair? Do you know what kind of hair extensions you are planning on getting for your hair? Do you have any idea what the length of the hair extensions need to be? The reason I ask this is because longer hair extensions also cost more money simply because you can’t just make long hair extensions, sometimes you will want real human hair and when that is the case you will pay so much per inch of real hair. For instance if you want a set that is 22 inches long then you are going to pay much more than if the set was only 16 inches long.

One of the ways you can determine your hair extensions lengths is by measuring your hair from the middle of your head to the bottom of the lowest hair. The reason why you do this is so that you get hair extensions that are longer than this, if you don’t then all you are going to do is make your hair look fuller as opposed to being longer. The one thing you should do is add at least 3 inches onto your hair length, doing this will give you some room to play with and if you want to cut the hair extensions to give it a different look then you can do that.

Tips to getting the right size

Measure right – What a lot of people don’t do is measure their hair to know exactly what size of hair extensions they should buy and this is a huge problem once you buy the extensions. What you don’t want to do is measure your hair from the wrong spot, you need to measure from the very center of the back of your head since that is where the hair extensions will sit.

Calculate the length you want – If you want your hair to be 5 inches longer than where it is now then you need to calculate for that. What most people do is they will buy hair extensions that are just an inch or so longer than their hair already and the problem with this is when your hair finally does grow your extensions will then be useless. Just remember that if you want to use your hair extensions for a long time then you need to get a size that will work for many years to come as opposed to just a few months of regular use.

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