The Types Of Hair Extensions

There are two common types of extensions regarding the hair texture.

The first is the natural hair extensions. They refer to those made using real human hair. There are a variety of different types and they give the most natural look compared to other extensions. However they are much more expensive than the synthetic extensions. They come in different quality levels that determine the price.

The least expensive type is made from the Asian hair. The coarse texture of Asian hair makes it suitable only for certain hair types. The European hair extensions are the most costly due to its fine quality and the natural look.

The natural hair is better compared to the synthetic type of extensions because it can be treated and maintained like your own hair. It has natural hair attributes and is high recommended for those who intend to make extensions for a full head. But these extensions may matt together if not given proper care and maintenance. If you are using the natural extensions then it is better that you use quality products to ensure that your hair is not damaged. Natural extensions have the advantage of being more durable and flexible to be styled into many ways compared to artificial hair which are stiffer.

The synthetic hair extensions are made from man-made hair. The price is much cheaper than natural extensions but it is really difficult to buy synthetic extensions where the hair matches your natural hair. Of course they are much more easily available compared to the natural type of extensions but they may be very obvious if its texture differs too much from your natural hair. Similarly they also tend to matt together, especially during washing. Thus the extensions should be fixed onto place by clipping when shampooing your hair. You are not allowed to heat the hair extensions to style them as they may fizz so clip them up if you intend to blow dry your hair. These extensions are only recommended for those who want to extend certain parts of their hair.

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