Winter Hair Rescue

Last week, Louise gave us some fabulous tips on how to hydrate and protect your skin in the winter. But don’t forget that your hair also needs protection from the blistering winds and drying indoor heat. When it comes to haircare, I’m your girl. Here are some things you can do to weatherproof your hair so it stays soft, silky, and strong throughout the winter months.

Don’t leave your house with wet hair.

Believe it or not, wet hair can actually freeze up and break off! So make sure to dry your hair before you go outside. And how you can avoid damage while you’re drying it?

Use a cooler setting on your blow dryer.

Instead of the “hot” setting, use your hairdryer’s “warm” or “cool” setting to dry your hair, as it’s less damaging and drying. Then when you’re ready to smooth the hair cuticles and set your style, use the hot setting (sparingly!) for those finishing touches.

Strengthen your hair with a protein treatment.

Is your hair feeling extra brittle? Prepare your hair for the winter months with a professional salon protein treatment. Why? Protein helps repair damaged hair and reduce breakage by helping to rebuild the hair structure and strengthen the strands.

However, protein treatments are designed to fill in empty spots in the cuticle and hair shaft, not hydrate your hair strands. So make sure to wait 4 to 6 weeks before you use another protein treatment, or you could end up with more breakage than you started with.

Want to save money by doing your protein treatment at home? ApHogee® Two-Step Protein Treatment is a reasonably priced protein treatment that helps rebuild your hair structure and prevent breakage for up to 6 weeks. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully, limit your treatments to every 6 weeks, and follow it with a conditioning moisturizer.

Replace your styling gel with styling crème.

In these dry winter months, our hair needs all the moisture it can get! Styling crèmes add moisture to your hair, make it more pliable, and improve its elasticity, making it less likely to break. PhytoSpecific® Moisturizing Styling Cream helps hydrate your hair while you style it. And it’s free of sulfates and paraben!

Shield your hair with a hat.

Outdoor activities like winter sports and even taking a walk on a windy day can wreak havoc on your hair, whipping it around, drying it out, and causing split ends. So how do you protect your hair? Wear a hat! There are tons of cute styles to choose from. To keep your hair safe from dry winter air and chilly winds, wear a loose-fitting knit cap, a casual beanie, or a hoodie—or just wrap a scarf over your hair. Simple but effective! Just make sure you tuck all your hair under the hat—if necessary, put it in a ponytail or use a headband.

So what should you do about hat head? Combat static and keep flyaways under control by putting a little bit of hairspray on your hairbrush and running it through your hair. Hard to tote hairspray with you when you’re on the go? Bring along a travel-sized container, or keep a tube of clear mascara in your purse to brush your flyaways into place. Or try this: Throw an anti-static dryer sheet in your purse. You can actually control static by running it across your hair.

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