Lipstick Creations Look : Makeup Inspired

In general, I see that more attention than lipstick to eye shadow. With eye shadow, many different designs before, but this could just as well with lipstick. Therefore, in this make-up creations inspired about lipstick.

One downside of lipstick is that it goes off very quickly, especially if you drink or eat anything. But if you yourself once bored and want to format, I would especially all the lipstick you have off the shelf and have some fun of it. For example you can opt for lipstick or Chanel creations with a panda logo.

You ever try lipstick creations? I myself once made ​​two different colors of lipstick. This gave rise to a kind of color blocking effect on my lips. I also once a heart on my lips trying to make, but it was not a success!

What do you think this Lipstick Creations Look ? What is your favorite ?

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