Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Looking for the right color
Although all are called by the same name, brown eyes have different shades. This is the characteristic feature of your eyes you can base your color choice on. The rule is that you should use the opposite colors to enhance and brighten your eyes irises. If your eyes have orange tinge, try blue eye shadows. If they are lighter and yellowish, purple is the color for the shadow.

Light or dark colors
If you have brown eyes, you’re lucky, because you can use either light or dark colors on your lids. Remember that not only the shade of your eyes is important when you choose the color, but also its shape. Light colors highlight and make eyes look bigger, dark colors accentuate, but also minimize. If you have small, brown eyes, use dark colors in the outer corners of your eyes and bright colors in the inner corners and near your brows.

Coherent palette of colors
It’s a general rule for make-up, important whichever color you decide on. If you're making a daytime makeup, use colors from one family, but don't make a monochromatic makeup (don’t use only one color on each part of your face). Combine muted colors of eye shadows with muted lipstick and rouge, bright and shiny eye shadows with the same equivalent for cheeks and lips. Dark eye shadows and dramatic eye make-up should be toned down with lighter blush and natural color of the lipstick.

Eyeliner to make your look even deeper
Brown-eyed girls don’t have to be afraid of eyeliners. It’s an ideal tool to make your look even deeper than it already is. You can use eyeliner in all of its variety, to emphasize the shape of your eye or create a new interesting line. You can also experiment with different colors of the eyeliners.

Going dramatic
Smoky eyes are perfect if you’re thinking of a make-up for the evening. You can use the classical, smoky eye color, which is black, but you’re not restricted to only this one choice. You can create a deep look with purple, green or dark blue color. You can also experiment with bold colors combinations to make your look even more intensive, for example mixing purple and green. Again, there are no limits to mascara when it comes to emphasizing brown eyes. Finish your make-up with two or three coats of dark, black mascara to make your eyes look even more dramatic.

Daytime look
For a casual look you should use neutral colors, which for brown eyes are… shades of brown. It’s not true that brown-eyed girls shouldn’t use brown. It’s a color that adds depth to your gaze, so brown make-up on brown eyes doesn’t look bland. Other neutral colors you can use for brown eyes are grey, light pink, peaches. Don't contrast your colors too much with each other or with eyeliner and make the line of your eye smooth and almost unnoticeable. Instead of black mascara you can use the brown one for more natural look.

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