Makeup Tips

Take care of your body
Taking care of your health and caring for your skin will be the fist step. Make sure to have a healthy balanced diet and that will help you to keep that skin nice and firm.

Use primer
Primer will help you to keep that eye shadow from running amuck all over your cheekbones, and in the worst case – face. Primer makes a great base for your makeup.

Evening and day
There are two distinct types of makeup you’d have to consider – day makeup – that is light and slightly glowing, and evening makeup that has a lot of intense colours. The fact is that for the evening the day-makeup will look too bleak, but the evening makeup will look exaggerated during the day.

Focus attention on one spot
Choose your weapon – lips or eyes, don’t double-wield. This tends to look disastrous. You want to accentuate your eyes – do it, but then choose a calmer tone for your eyes. Likewise – you want to accentuate your eyes - steer clear of that cark plum lipstick.

Cheeky cheeks
You are round-faced and you want to slim those cheeks down? Use some slightly darker powder under your cheekbones and use a shimmery light powder on your cheekbones.

Don’t neglect the neck
So you are set to go – you have a kickass makeup and you look gorgeous, but this can be slightly dampened if you have not paid attention to your neck. When using foundation make sure to apply it also on your neck, otherwise you may end up looking like Frankenstein’s monster that has been put together from spare parts of different people.

Flash that cleavage
If you want your peaches to look extra lovely, you can try to use some shimmery powder on the skin of your chest. Just make sure not to use glitter, this may be a bit too much.

Don’t pop, conceal
A zit! Let’s pop it? No, thank you. You pop it – you end up with an even bigger zit. Make sure to conceal the zit for the time being, and when you get back from that glam party, make sure to exfoliate and clean the skin of your face And the zit to avoid even more inflammation and then deal with it.

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