Makeup Tips for Eyes

I spy with my little eye
Something is off with your eyes – they are red, irritated, and unhappy. Do not use eye makeup then, if you absolutely cannot go without it, then use less, but generally – steer clear of any eye products other than eye drops.

Prime your lids
Primer is a good way of making your makeup stay where you originally intended it to. It will also make the makeup look better and last longer.

Pay attention to your eye colour
Your eyes are like two sparkling gems, and you can make them sparkle even more if you apply your eye shades correctly. If you are of fair complexion, avoid dark, dramatic shades unless you use them for eveningwear. If you are of darker complexion, you can experiment with your eye shades to your liking.

Use a brush
Brushes are great for applying those powdery eye shadows. Make sure to invest in different brushes – the harder ones with a defined tip will help you get straight lines and fluffier ones will do great for blending in colours for that sassy smoky-eye look.

Do not overdo your lashes
Lashes beckon, lashes trick, lashes clump and lashes stick. Keep that mascara at bay – if you need to make your lashes longer, not thicker, apply the mascara only on the tips of the lashes, if you want to get a fluffier look, then go all length, but don’t load your lashes with mascara – you’ll get a heavy, clumpy mess instead of those 100000 lashes.

Avoid dark colours on the bottom lid
Dark bottom lids do not work, try to avoid dark shades on the bottom lid or you’ll end up looking like you have dark circles under eyes or you have been crying. When applying lined on your bottom lid, make sure not to make it totally black, go for brown for a more natural look.

Bigger eyes
Eyepoppin` or just enough to drown a certain somebody. If you want to visually make your eyes bigger – accentuate them, also, curl your lashes. Don’t bend them too strongly though, and don’t curl them at the middle.

False lashes are perfect for that glamorous evening look; however make sure that you stick them as close to your real lash line as possible, otherwise you’ll be sporting a double-decker of lashes.

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