Makeup Tips for Lips

The skin on the lips is very fine and thin, it tends to dry out, so it is advisable that you repair that lip skin before applying lipstick or your lips will look a mess. Use lip exfoliation and lip moisturizer, if you want to opt for a cheaper version of lip exfoliation, use a very soft toothbrush to massage and clean those lips.

Pick the right tone for you
Lipstick tone can make you gorgeous and it can also make you sick, make sure to choose the right one. If you are of a fair complexion, make sure to avoid strong, intense shades of lipstick, as they will make you look even paler, instead go for pale rose and peach. If you have a darker complexion, you can choose from a wider range of tones, even very dark ones.

Avoid Flaking
Lipstick can flake if it your lips are too dry or if the lipstick itself is too dry - the case with matte lipsticks. It is advisable to use primer over your lips in order to avoid flaking, also, use moisturizer for your lips to keep them smooth and soft.

Line your lips
Lip liner is a great invention, however make sure to get one that matches your lipstick or lip color, otherwise you are in for a disaster. Make sure to draw out the contour of your lips and not try to make them look fuller by drawing over the line.

Fill your lips
You cannot achieve fuller lips by painting them bigger, so what to do? Use vibrant lipstick that is not very dark. Vibrant lipstick will emphasize your lips, avoid darker colors because, much as they are slimming on your waist, they will also slim your lips and that is not what you want, right?

Lip brush
If possible, use a brush for applying your lipstick – this way it will stay on longer and you can achieve a more distinguished outline, just don’t go overboard with the amount.

Matte lips? Not a problem
You want that chique matte look yet you do not want to dry your lips? Take a piece of thin napkin and gently put it to your painted lips, then apply some powder with a soft powder brush on the surface, and voila!

Control the lipstick
You seem to have used a bit too much of it but you do not want to wipe it and start anew? Use a napkin – put it between your lips and press gently – you’ll love the result.

Don’t forget to reapply
Lipstick tends to fade from your lips over time, make sure you have that tube handy, to reapply the lipstick when necessary – for those perfect, kissable lips.

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