Nails Tips

Your fingernails need moisturizing
Often adverts try to tell you that the moisturizer you’re using for your hands is also good for your nails, but that’s not entirely true. Your nails absorb and lose water much faster than your skin, but they don’t get visibly dry, as your skin does when it’s thirsty, so it's easy to forget that nails also need to be moisturized. Use special products for nails to keep them well moisturized.

Forget about cutting cuticles! 
Cuticles' function is to protect your nails from infection. When you cut them, they will only grow harder and in the meantime you're risking a serious infection. You shouldn't also cut the calluses - they protect your nails from breaking when you hit your hand. Instead of cutting cuticles use special oils and sticks to push them back. To avoid getting polish on your cuticles, start painting your nails a little above the cuticle line, move backward, but stop just before the line.

Make some changes in your diet
Using proper cosmetics on your fingernails is as important as providing your organism with adequate amounts of compounds, which work from the inside to make your nails look healthy. There are few different compounds you can increase in your diet: Organic Silica, Zinc, Vitamin B (especially B5) and MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) are among the most popular.

A trick to harden soft nails
If you don’t want to buy any special product to harden your nails, you can use this classic method: warm up olive oil and put your fingers into it for about 20 minutes. For better effect, you can apply this solution every two days.

How to make your nails shiny
There is also an easy method to give your nails extra sheen. Put a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your fingernails, rub it and let your nails absorb the petroleum jelly. Use a soft cloth and carefully polish your fingernails.

How often to wear the polish
It is recommended that you should let your nails take a few days break from nail polish, especially when you see the yellowish tint on your nails. You also shouldn't use nail polish remover more than once a week. Otherwise you will severely weaken your nails. But if your nails are already brittle, applying a coat of nail polish, or even better, a colorless base, keeps your nails from breaking.

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