Facial Tips

Healthy diet 
A healthy diet will enhance the tone and firmness of your skin, enhancing its color and making it healthier-looking. Stay hydrated to avoid blackheads.

Massage your face
Proper massage will enhance the blood flow in your skin and relax the face muscles, ad sell as lessen the stress of the skin. The best way to massage your face is using your fingertips.

Facial masks
Make sure to apply moisturizing and nourishing masks once a week to feed that skin. It is better to do it after facial massage, this way the skin is more open to receive the nutrients provided by the mask

Self-warming masks
Self warming masks are excellent to relax your face – apply a self warming mask and let it work until it cools.

Exercise facial muscles
Your muscles need to be fit everywhere – even those of the face, make sure to do those exercises in warm environment to avoid unnecessary strain.

Don’t pop your pimples
Zits and pimples can leave ugly scars on your face – avoid that by exfoliating regularly and staying hydrated and eating properly.

Avoid frostbite
When going out in winter, apply protective cream to avoid frostbite.

Clean daily
Make sure to remove the mascara and makeup at the end of the day not to clog those pores. Then apply moisturizers to boost our skin tone.

Turkish sauna for your face
Another good way of exfoliation is using steam. Steam your face over a pot of herbal infusion, and then work on your face with bits of ice to close the pores and provide your skin the contrast treatment.

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