Glowing Skin Tips

What is glowing skin? 
Glowing skin is that perfect, skin with matted glow. What you have to know is that the ‘glow’ can be achieved by proper makeup, proper skincare, or, usually both.

Proper diet
Make sure to eat healthily, your diet strongly influences your looks. Make sure to eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables as they enhance the shade and firmness of your skin. Eat more colourful vegetables – the natural colours in them will influence the shade of your skin.

Exercise is not only for your abs and glutes. Exercise enhances blood circulation and thus, your skin gets more of those needed nutrients and oxygen, just make sure to take everything in moderation.

Drink, drink, drink
The health of our skin also depends on how much we drink. Don’t drink less water than normally estimated per day, so that your skin does not whither.

Watch that temperature
Human skin contains collagen that makes it flexible and helps avoiding wrinkles, however high temperatures tend to destroy this natural anti-wrinkle substance. Therefore, bathe with care, don’t take baths that are too hot and don’t spend more than 10-15 minutes in hot water.

Clean and exfoliate
Clean your skin, but be careful about the scrubs. Scrubs wash away the dead skin cells, but make sure not to scrub too often, since you can strip yours skin of its natural defence layer. It is good to use scrubs once a week to keep that healthy glow.

Nourish your skin
There are different ways of doing so – through masks, muds, creams, lotions, make sure to pick the right one. Test if the product is good for you, that it does not cause allergy. Make sure not to use too much cream, otherwise it will create a greasy film on your skin and we do not want that.

Saunas are good for you
Saunas are good for exfoliation; they make your skin to release all those toxins and let you peal the upper layer of dead skin cells more easily. However this must be indulged in moderation, not more than once a week, remember that collagen.

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