Hair Tips

Trim regularly for better look
As the hair becomes older, it starts splitting and breaking, especially at the ends, so be sure to trim those ends every couple of months, depending on the speed of you hair growth. If you want to try something more interesting – try the hot scissor procedure. Cutting hair with hot scissors seals the ends so they don’t split for a longer time.

Wash smartly
One person can get away with washing their hair daily and keep it healthy, however sometimes, the hair becomes damaged and dry. Mostly because you wash away all those natural oils that your hair needs. Yes, those are the same oils that make your hair look greasy, but it becomes like that over time.

Leave in conditioner – saviour for long hair
Leave-in conditioner is a great invention, especially for those with long, wavy hair. Those who have been afraid to let the hair grow just because of tangling should consider it too. Leave-in conditioners are great for keeping that mane under control; additionally it helps you to keep your hair healthier as you do not tug on it as often.

Your hair is what you eat
Hair is dead tissue. So balanced diet is a long-term investment in the health of your hair. Eat healthy and your hair will grow healthy, however diet will have little impact on the hair which is already out there.

Hair massage
Massage your scalp, not only is it relaxing, but it also stimulates the blood flow in the skin of your head, which means that your hair follicles will get more nutrition and oxygen. Again, this is a long-term investment; you will not see the results the very next day.

Dye with caution
When dying hair at home, make sure to mist the tips of your hair with water. The tissue there is more porous and will absorb more colour than the hair closer to your scalp. This way you will avoid damage your hair gets when coloured.

Hair asks for masks
There is a vast choice of all kinds of hair masks in the market; however, if you opt for a more natural approach, you can use olive oil. Put some olive oil on the tips of your hair before washing, wait for about 20 minutes and then wash your hair. This will help you protect those ends against drying up.

Accessories dos and don’ts
Elastic hair bands are good for sporting and activities that involve very active movement, however they are not very good for hair. They can get tangled in your hair and sometimes can be a nuisance. When outside a sporting event, it is advisable to use hairpins instead of elastic hair bands to keep healthy, happy hair. Hair pins can keep your hair together just fine, you just have to get accustomed to using them.

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